LabEx Cell(n)Scale

Transition fellowships

Exceptionally, the LabEx Cell(n)Scale may provide up to 3 months fellowships to support the finalization (publication) of research projects conducted by PhD students or postdocs working in LabEx teams.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Research projects must fall in the scope of the LabEx scientific project 
  • Applicants must have a clear work perspective for the near future (i.e. postdoctoral position, contract in a private company…)

Applications must comprise (in the enclosed application form):

  • Applicant motivation letter explaining notably: 1/ the nature of the work to finalize and the remaining steps (notably experiments to finalize, articles in writing/review…), 2/ other funding alternatives, and 3/ precise work perspective for the future 
  • Résumé (CV)
  • Letter from the current PI/advisor supporting the application

LabEx Transition fellowships allocated since 2012

  • J. de Seze, 2023 : Optogenetic control of opposite phenotypes with one single GEF of RhoA
  • A. Chaiyasitdhi, 2023
  • A. Genthon, 2022: Sampling population trees in presence of death
  • Lara Kruger, 2021 : Mechanism of spindle assembly in fission yeast
  • Yamini Ravichandran, 2021: Isoforms of Cdc42; Localization, Functions and regulations
  • M. Lera Ramirez, 2021: Microtubule dynamics in fission yeast Anaphase B
  • Aleksandra Chikina, 2020: Heterogenity of myofiboblasts in colon mucosa
  • Alena Ivashenka, 2020: Glycolipid-dependent and Lectin-driven transcytosis in mouse
  • Majdouline Abou Ghali, 2019: Biomimetism of cellular movement
  • Laura Caccianini, 2019: Single molecule imaging of CTCF and Cohesin: a focus on chromatin organizers
  • Sami Al-Izzi, 2019: Dynamics of lipid membrane tubes
  • Camille Simon, 2019: Exploring actin-driven cell shape changes with biomimetic cells
  • Clementine Villeneuve, 2019: The oncogene aPKCi, new regulator of early cell dissemination
  • Anand Patwardhan, 2016-2017
  • Guillaume Duclos, 2016
  • Nicola De Franceschi, 2016
  • Lou Fourrière, 2016
  • Quentin Vagne, 201