LabEx Cell(n)Scale

Short term fellowship

The aim of this fellowship (up to 2000€) is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. Short-Term fellowships are intended for joint research.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Short-Term Fellowships fund research visits from Labex Personnel for 1 week up to three months to laboratories outside Cell(n)Scale
  • The fellowship covers travel plus subsistence of the fellow
  • Applicants can be PhD, PostDoctoral Fellow, Staff scientists

Evaluation criteria:

  • Multidisciplinarity: Priority will be given to the projects that are conducted at the interface between biology and physics
  • Quality of the candidate, research project, and hosting laboratory
  • Projected benefit to the home laboratory of the applicant

Applications must comprise (in the application form enclosed herein):

  • Brief description of the work at the receiving institute including starting date, duration and budget required (maximum 1 page)
  • Full CV including publications of the applicant
  • Detailed budget (max 2000€)
  • Agreement of the Labex team leader and the hosting team leader
Application form