LabEx Cell(n)Scale

Scientific outreach

Since 2012, Cell(n)Scale regularly participated or launched scientific outreach initiatives to share science with the general public.
Batiment Pasteur

Since 2021, the LabEx Cell(n)Scale contributes to the organization of the annual Science Fair of the Institut Curie. In October 2022, the Institut Curie welcomed 1100 visitors (including 16 classes from differents schools from elementary to high school).


PSL-Qlife organizes each year a collaboration with students from the graphic arts school EPSAA (Ecole professionnelle supérieure d'arts graphiques de la ville de Paris) and some teams of the LabEx Cell(n)Scale also participate each year to this project.


Art & Science exhibition co-oganized with the Curie Museum, PSL and the LabEx DEEP in 2015.


Fanzine dedicated to using original drawings and text to introduce concepts of multiscale cell biology to the general public. Of note, Cell(n)Scale also co-financed along with PSL funding “Aux frontières des LabEx” the PhD thesis of the creator of Globule, Renaud Chabrier, to study the role of illustrations in life science in one of the LabEx teams (team Janke, UMR3348).