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The CurieVision initiative

The CurieVision initiative was created in early 2021 to create a community to structure the discussion on the development of image analysis tools, notably within the context of AI/Deep-learning based-tools.
Learn more about its organization and actions.

The CurieVision Teams group

In March 2021, the CurieVision Teams group was officially launched to create a community working in synergy with the PICT (Cell and tissue imaging platform) and allowing to:

  • Promote and structure discussions
  • Share resources
  • Organize training and workshops
  • Centralize tools for bio-image analysis
  • Establish collaborations


Since its launch, over 90 people have joined the team to participate in this initiative! If you have not yet joined, you can do so here.


The Curievision Seminar series

In addition to the teams group, in September 2021 will start the CurieVision seminar series, which will take place once per month to discover the latest news in the field of image analysis.


The first seminar will take place on September 23, 2021 at 14h (location TBD). Varun Kapoor (PICT, BDD) and Anne-Sophie Mace (PICT, Burg) will present the image analysis tools that they are developing, and that are available to the whole Curie community via the PICT!




Future speakers include

  •  Yohanns Bellaïche (U934/UMR3215)
  • Aurélie Bertin (UMR168
  • Irène Buvat (UMR1288)
  • Bassam Hajj (UMR168)
  • Pascal Hersen (UMR168)
  • Charles Kervrann (SERPICO - INRIA)
  • Daniel Lévy (UMR168)
  • Christophe Nioche (UMR1288
  • Thomas Walter (U900)










Come and speak to our seminars!

If you would like to share within the context of this seminar series or if you have suggestions of people who should present, please reach out to the organizers!

Contact : and