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Partager is a unique platform for mentorship, networking and job recruitment to empower researchers in the development of their careers.

The LabEx Cell(n)Scale is proud to be an official partner of, a unique platform dedicated to providing tools to facilitate the transition of PhDs to careers outside of the academic sector by combining mentorship, training, networking and recruitment. Since its launch in October 2019 has attracted over 1000 highly talented and motivated Mentees (e.g. PhD students, Postdoc and other academic researchers) and Mentors (e.g. people who have successfully left academia to pursue other careers after a PhD or postdoc) and several companies that are interested in hiring PhDs. By connecting these three groups, exposes PhDs currently in the academic sector to the broad range of non-academic career options that are matched with their background and skills.  Mentees and mentors are able to personally connect and can even be directly recruited by companies via the platform.